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Sacred Peru Adventures is a true labor of love and is the creation of Steffan Heydon. Steffan has been a spiritual seeker nearly his entire life. His spiritual search began at the age of 13 when he read "Autobiography of a Yogi" by Paramahansa Yogananda.

At age seventeen he was introduced to a group where he learned about the channeling of spirits. At that time he was also given instruction in the development of his psychic abilities. He was taught energy healing in the form of "the laying on of hands" and began to see auras.

Steffan began experimenting with a wide variety of mind altering substances. Some of these substances like LSD and Psilocybin mushrooms ultimately had the most profound influence, as they made him aware of alternate realities and levels of consciousness that most people aren't cognisant of in their everyday reality. He became aware that it is not a changing environment that alters our perception but rather a shift in our perception that allows us to see the world in a different way.

In his early 30's Steffan met his first spiritual teacher Joseph Costa Ph.D. who began teaching him about "thought" and how everything we know in the physical universe is a manifestation of it. He was taught about the soul, the mind and the intellect and the interrelationship between these three aspects of our being. In addition Steffan completed 100 hours of training in past life regression hypnosis.

In his early thirties Steffan was introduced to the Native American flute and the didgeridoo, which ultimately sparked interest in the use of sound as a vehicle for healing and transformation. Steffan eventually became a master builder of Native American flutes and marketed them in the United States, Germany and Japan.

In 1996 while marketing his instruments at a Prophets Conference in Phoenix Arizona, Steffan met man living in Iquitos Peru. This man had been studying ayahuasca shamanism for the last 15 years in the jungles of Colombia, Peru and Ecuador. They developed an instant report and that evening Steffan was invited to participate in his first ayahuasca session. Over the next nine years the two maintained their friendship and in 2005 Steffan embarked on his first journey to Peru. It was on that trip that he was introduced to the mestizo ayahuasca healer Norma Panduro Navarro. Her magical way of facilitating and her powerful ayahuasca permanently transformed the course of his life.

Less than a year later, Steffan was again in Peru; this time participating in a 15 day shamanic retreat with San Pedro maestro, Sayre Tupac Wiracocha. It is Sayre's belief that the sacred power plants are software for the body that enable us to download, assimilate and embody the ancient wisdom of Pachamama (Mother Earth).

Steffan has since dedicated a portion of his life to the study of the indigenous healing traditions of the Andes and the Amazon. He says "Pachamama as a living being wants us to remember who we are. That is her truest desire. I believe from the deepest part of my being, that the sacred power plants of Peru can help humanity with this process."

We welcome all who wish explore the rabbit hole of consciousness in ways never before imagined, to join us as we visit the Jungles of Peru and the Andes mountains on a sacred journey that will change your life.

Update AUG 2012: We are happy to announce that in the near future we hope to offer new spiritual awakening and empowerment programs in other sacred power places around the planet. With our new intention to branch out beyond the boarders of Peru, we also needed a new name that more closely represents our vision. It was through our search for a web domain that we ultimately arrived at the name 'SpiritFlightJourneys.com'. We feel so blessed to have found a name that so closely represents our intention of offering safe, life-empowering, global spiritual travel experiences (including shamanic healing). We invite you to join us on our quest into the exploration of consciousness along with our sincere desire to understand who we truly are. Come join us and let's do it together!

We realize that the path of shamanic plant use is not for everyone. In order to be of service to more people, our programs no longer focus on the use of shamanic plants. We still consider them to be extremely valuable as tools for spiritual growth and we still offer shamanic plant ceremonies to groups that wish to have these kinds of experiences. That said, consuming huachuma (San Pedro Cactus) during our journeys in the Andes is completely optional. Participants who opt not to take plant medicine can still participate in a tour that does. Those that opt not to take medicine will still benefit from all the ceremonies and will be included in all activities.

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In Love & Peace,

Steffan & Martina


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