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Sacred Peru Adventures (now also Spirit Flight Journeys) specializes in setting up custom spiritual travel experiences and shamanic plant healing retreats in Peru for groups of five people or more. Single individuals and couples are generally welcome to participate in programs that have already met their minimum group number requirements. If you have any questions or would like more information about our spiritual travel programs, please contact us.

- Our Intention -

Much has happened both personally and globally since I offered the first Shamanic Journey to Peru in 2005. Peru's power places and sacred temples, the shamanic plant teachers, our facilitators and the participants of our programs have taught me so much. I am deeply grateful for the growth that has come my way.

The elliptical rotation of the Earth's poles, is again moving toward the galactic center and signifies the cyclical awakening of human consciousness and the movement toward a new golden Age. The world as a whole with all of its people is evolving right before our eyes. This is really exciting and it's truly a gift to be alive in these remarkable times. Because we are evolving so fast, many humans on the planet feel the so called 'Quickening' that is taking place. On an individual level and as a collective we are beginning to manifest our thoughts hundreds of times faster than even ten years ago. Because we are beginning to manifest so quickly now, it is becoming more critical that our thoughts and actions are governed by our hearts.

In these times of change, those of us that are on the conscious evolutionary path, need all the support that we can get to help us on our journey to Unity Consciousness. Now is the time to walk the path of sweetness; the path of balance between the intellect and the heart. This notion of reaching and maintaining a balance between the intellect and the heart is at the core of what Mallku calls the Master Path.

The ancient Inca possessed this knowledge. It was evident in how they built and managed their temples and cities and in their highly advanced spiritual cosmology and understanding of the stars. Quality of life was highly valued by the Inca and was intrinsically connected with many aspects of their existence. Quality of life is part of being in balance.

As we visit some of these magical power places and temples in Peru, we will have the opportunity to 'Tune Into' and experience how this ancient civilization viewed their relationship with Spirit and with mother earth; the Divine Male and the Divine Female. Our experiences in the Andes and with each other will inspire a renewed or increased commitment to our spiritual path, along with a deeper understanding of what it means to live in balance and with the knowing that we are all ONE.

At times we organize shamanic healing programs in Peru where we work with the sacred teacher plants Ayahuasca and Washuma (huachuma, wachuma, san pedro cactus). If your group is interested in participating in an ayahuasca healing retreat, we can custom tailor an ayahuasca program for your specific needs or the needs of your group. We work with only the most qualified and dedicated male and female shamans, tribal healers and teachers. In addition we offer facilitations by elder female Shipibo curanderas, providing a safe, supportive environment for both women and men seeking ayahuasca healing. If you would like more information regarding programs that involve the use of shamanic plants, please contact us.

In Loving Service,
Steffan Heydon




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In Love & Peace,

Steffan & Martina