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Peru / Amazon Conservation / Ayahuasca / Shamanism:

Dance of the Deer Foundation -
The Dance of the Deer Foundation is helping the Huichol Indians to maintain both their rich cultural heritage and their spiritual and healing traditions.

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Voices in Solidarity work prioritizes the legal recognition of indigenous ancestral land, cultural survival and resistance to destructive practices such as logging and petroleum extraction. Funds raised through the sale of CDs goes toward direct grants to such projects as well as research that connects indigenous movements to supporting organizations in North America and Europe.


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Our website provides quality information, photos and maps for the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.

Sacred Peru Adventures -
Shamanic tours that offer an immersion into traditional Peruvian mysticism and healing practices. In the high mountain regions of the Andes and in the Amazon rain forest we work with authentic curanderos (healers) that guide us in ceremony with intentions of healing the Earth, our selves and moving into higher states of consciousness allowing us to do our work with greater clarity and purpose.

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3) DESCRIPTION: Offering Shamanic plant experiences in Peru that present an immersion into traditional Peruvian mysticism and healing practices. Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Huachuma, Washuma, Shamanic Peru Tours, Shamanic Journeys.