Business Travel News’ latest editorial research and analysis explores the increasing pressure to deliver on the business travel experience. BTN parses how buyers are measuring experience, managing suppliers and reacting with travel program policies and solutions that resonate with their organization’s business travelers and senior leadership. 

Plus, BTN offers its Traveler Experience Index survey tool to travel managers to begin their journey toward building a better business travel experience.

Methodology: Traveler Experience Index

Business Travel News fielded the 2023 Traveler Experience Index survey April 15-25 in partnership with Equation Research. BTN defined business travelers as anyone who had taken at least one trip on behalf of their organization in the past 12 months that included a rail or air journey and at least one overnight stay. As a secondary qualification, 85 percent of respondents were required to have an expectation of at least three business trips in the upcoming 12 months. A total of 309 qualified respondents answered the survey. BTN offers an ongoing version of this survey for the use of travel managers. Access that tool and apply for a unique link at