Two years ago, BTN editor-in-chief Elizabeth West received an email from a buyer who leads a large program. The company had assigned a project manager to help create a travel technology strategy, but he didn’t have much travel experience. The buyer was searching for information on the basics of travel and travel technology like global distribution systems, online booking tools, travel management company mid-office and back-office systems and expense integrations. Many in the industry understand her pain. West remembers few succinct resources to guide newcomers through the basics of travel management technology when she entered the industry—and that was before most programs needed a tech strategy. Yet, the tech landscape has changed fast in the past three years. This buyer’s need for something “more current” struck West, and she wanted to provide it.

Expense Management Systems

As corporate travel comprises a major segment of expenses for many organizations, the links between T&E management are clear. But not all expenses are... KEEP READING

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