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Why NDC Is like a Rubik's Cube
Why NDC Is like a Rubik's CubeBy Michael Farrell

World Travel, Inc.'s Mike Farrell counts down the top four ways New Distribution Capability resembles the creation and trajectory of the classic 1980s... KEEP READING

The Airline Regulation Dilemma
The Airline Regulation DilemmaBy Michael McCormick

The U.S. needs a comprehensive long-term national aviation policy that includes modernization of the air traffic control system as well as better... KEEP READING

Finding the Purpose of Business Travel
Finding the Purpose of Business TravelBy Festive Road managing partner Caroline Strachan

Recently I went on my first international business trip in two years. A transatlantic trip for five nights came with significant financial investment,... KEEP READING

Jump Off the Hotel RFP Merry-Go-Round
Jump Off the Hotel RFP Merry-Go-RoundBy DigiTravel Consulting managing partner Susan Lichtenstein

The ride keeps going round and round and up and down and never moves forward. I am talking about the corporate hotel RFP process and program. The time... KEEP READING

Covid's Impact on Socio-Economic Instability
Covid's Impact on Socio-Economic InstabilityBy World Travel Protection's regional security director for the UK and North America Frank Harrison

The days of grabbing your passport and a carry-on bag, breezing through airport security and meeting up with colleagues in the boarding area are over,... KEEP READING

The Case Against 'Cases'
The Case Against 'Cases'By Aash Shravah

When it comes to the travel industry rebounding, it is important that we realize the damage that is being done when the pandemic is still being measured... KEEP READING

Why We Need to Fly Business Class
Why We Need to Fly Business ClassBy Scott Gillespie, Industry Advisor at tClara LLC

Goals shape most every corporate decision, so we must be clear about our goals for traveling. The most obvious travel goal is to earn a positive payback... KEEP READING

Waves of Sustainability
Waves of SustainabilityBy Festive Road managing partner Paul Tilstone

Festive Road managing partner Paul Tilstone considers the momentum driving sustainable practices and projects it could be the wave that finally... KEEP READING

2019 Will Not Come Back
2019 Will Not Come BackBy Arthur D. Little senior advisor Patrick W. Diemer

Our industry's CEOs, who are paid to manage their stakeholders' expectations, have stopped forecasting the recovery of business travel post-Covid-19. It... KEEP READING

The Fate of Aviation Deserts in 2021
The Fate of Aviation Deserts in 2021By XO Head of Marketing Amanda Cohen

The economic pain and threatened futures of many small cities is a reality that existed prior to the pandemic. These areas suffered population declines... KEEP READING

2021: A (Covid) Case Odyssey
2021: A (Covid) Case OdysseyBy FCM Travel Solutions director of technical solutions Peter Psaltakis

Despite the industry's efforts to increase cleanliness and consumer confidence, travelers cannot truly escape the virus until society achieves the CDC's... KEEP READING

The Path to Purposeful Travel
The Path to Purposeful TravelBy Festive Road managing partner Caroline Strachan

In a column for BTN in May 2020, I shared this line: "They say you don't truly know the value of something until it's no longer there. Well, the ability... KEEP READING

Adapting Technology for the New Normal
Adapting Technology for the New NormalBy Coupa Software Product Management VP Valerie Layman

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on corporate travel has been seismic, to say the least. The landscape has shifted suddenly and the ecosystem—more... KEEP READING

Crisis Management During Tough Times
Crisis Management During Tough TimesBy Bizly chief strategy officer Kevin Iwamoto

The Covid-19 pandemic has created a global panic and reaction which should be a wake-up call and reminder that crisis management advance planning and... KEEP READING

Helping to Keep Flying Sustainable
Helping to Keep Flying SustainableBy IATA director of aviation environment & ATAG executive director Michael Gill

Air travel is absolutely central to doing business in a globalized economy. Even as global companies increasingly use technology to stay in touch, the... KEEP READING

Facial Recognition May Become Our Passports
Facial Recognition May Become Our PassportsBy Oliver Oyman transportation & services practice & its pricing, sales & marketing practice principal Alex Hill & World Travel & Tourism Council VP of industry affairs Helena Bononi

If flying domestically in the U.S., a traveler needs a driver's license or acceptable photo ID. Internationally, he or she needs a passport. Passengers... KEEP READING

We Need to Talk About OTAs
We Need to Talk About OTAsBy Festive Road managing partner Caroline Strachan

I'm going to say this out loud. We, the business travel community, are letting the online travel agencies gain an even more dominant position in the... KEEP READING

TMC Sourcing Still Needs the RFP
TMC Sourcing Still Needs the RFPBy GoldSpring Consulting senior consultant Sebastien Tournier

In recent months, much discussion has ensued about the value of the travel management company RFP and its future place, if any, in the TMC sourcing... KEEP READING

Not What to Watch but Where: APAC
Not What to Watch but Where: APACBy American Express Global Business Travel regional director of EMEA & Asia/Pacific for the Global Business Consulting group Philip Haxne

The scale and dynamism of Asia/Pacific economies make the region a vital component of many corporate travel programs. As China opens more connections... KEEP READING

New Math for Hotel Spend Management
New Math for Hotel Spend ManagementBy Advito senior director & global hotel practice leader Laura Kusto

For many years, travel program success has been measured in savings. In an effort to simplify hotel program management, companies define success by the... KEEP READING

Managing Disabled Business Travelers
Managing Disabled Business TravelersBy Drum Cussac global managing director Brandon Thompson

Too often, organizations are happy to tick the necessary boxes to cover themselves if something should go wrong for their travelers and overlook the... KEEP READING

The Geopolitics  Driving Traveler Risk
The Geopolitics Driving Traveler RiskBy Drum Cussac global managing director Brandon Thompson

Escalating geopolitical tensions have created a charged environment for business travelers, even in regions that traditionally have been considered... KEEP READING

Balancing Cost Control & Employee Experience
Balancing Cost Control & Employee ExperienceBy American Express Global Commercial Services' Global Client Group SVP & general manager Shane Berry

T&E generally accounts for 10 to 15 percent of a company’s expense base, but the bottom line isn’t the only factor in travel policy. American Express... KEEP READING

The Value of Meetings Management Programs
The Value of Meetings Management ProgramsBy Acquis Consulting principal & meetings management group head Shimon Avish

Meetings management programs are under a lot of pressure to prove their value. They could be mature programs that have been delivering savings and... KEEP READING

Savings Is Travel’s False God
Savings Is Travel’s False GodBy tClara managing partner Scott Gillespie

Among the things travel buyers care about, savings is arguably the most essential, the most visible, the most measured. Savings, defined here as the gap... KEEP READING

Travel Data Protection Will Turn into Opportunities
Travel Data Protection Will Turn into OpportunitiesBy American Express Global Business Travel chief privacy officer & VP of commercial compliance Kasey Chappelle

We all know that business travel promotes business relationships, helps companies establish new markets and brings key people closest to the... KEEP READING

SMMP Compliance Will Get Real with GDPR
SMMP Compliance Will Get Real with GDPRBy GoldSpring Consulting senior consultant Kevin Iwamoto

The countdown to May 25, 2018, is set for compliance with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation. Strategic meetings management program... KEEP READING

Online Direct Booking for Meetings
Online Direct Booking for MeetingsBy meetings tech consultant Corbin Ball

Of the 1.8 million meetings held annually in the U.S., small meetings—50 people or fewer—represent a large percentage. They are often simple, one-day... KEEP READING

Two Ground Transport Predictions
Two Ground Transport PredictionsBy Executive Travel Founder & CEO Steve Glenn

Hertz will buy Avis: There are too many car rental companies. Enterprise/National is eating the cake of the other companies with amazing pricing... KEEP READING

The Year to Pilot New Tech
The Year to Pilot New TechBy Conichi founder & CEO Max Waldmann

If you look back at the last two years, [all this technology] was new. People were super excited talking about things, and then last year people saw... KEEP READING

Factoring Travel Risk into Trip Approvals
Factoring Travel Risk into Trip ApprovalsBy Matthew Judge, group managing director of risk management company The Anvil Group

Now that duty of care is high on the corporate agenda, trip-approval systems need to factor it in. Focusing purely on the budget aspects of corporate... KEEP READING

Sustainability & Sourcing
Sustainability & SourcingBy AIG Travel global head of travel communications Rhonda Sloan

More and more companies are realizing that today's consumers expect the brands they do business with not only to provide quality goods or services but... KEEP READING

Liability Versus Duty of Care
Liability Versus Duty of CareBy Don Dowling, a partner in law firm K&L Gates' global employer solutions team

Employers fret plenty about their liability in case of illness or injury to employees, but that liability is pretty limited, at least for business... KEEP READING

What All This Hotel Consolidation Means
What All This Hotel Consolidation MeansBy Lanyon VP of industry strategy Kevin Iwamoto

In my predictions for 2016, I forecasted the continuation of large hotel corporation mergers and acquisitions. According to industry buzz, it looks like... KEEP READING

How Corporates Will Buy Airfare in the Future
How Corporates Will Buy Airfare in the FutureBy Allstate Insurance Co. director of enterprise travel, entertainment & expense Duane Goucher

As the airline industry continues to consolidate, it has become apparent that today’s model for contracting up-front corporate discounts will change.... KEEP READING